At a younger age my dearest friends were at least ten years older. 

Now that my friends are dying I get new friends that are considerably younger.

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Ugh...tell me about it! Try being with someone who is just always serious...probably laughs a little then back to seriousness again. It's brutal, I tell you. Makes me want to pull out my hair! ............. but I won't! Because I love my hair! ........LOL ;)

Oh, yes, Sylph and Laurie, age is of no importance. It's not the years that count but the age of the spirit. All too many people are born way too old...

Good for you, More...I'm stuck in a certain age, too. And it's fun! :)

I know this will never change, Sylph, and I'm perfectly happy with it...

Maybe you're just stuck in between...that's nice though. You'll be feeling like this forever. :) *hugs*