I Look At My Life From The Outside

each time i strutt pass the beaming smiles of others, i know deep down inside of me that i am missing something. othertimes i just stare into the starless night and wish i understood what was going wrong with me. i feel  i am living a life that does not belong to me, even if i'am the gentle 'mr do things right kind of a guy' i just felt in a way that never let me a stand to say exactly the words for my feelings. when i talk , my voice echoes another personality that is much admired by others and incomprehensible to the owner..... it is not that i can not explain that you will not understand, it is just that you can not understand that i can not explain.... my confusion... does any other person feel this way?
Onoja Onoja
18-21, M
1 Response Jul 29, 2010

I totally feel that way. When I'm with other people, I feel outside of my body. When I'm alone, I feel okay.