Happiness Means Everything

I am a black female who has dated within my race my whole life. I have always maintained long relationships, lasting years. The last relationship was eight years. I know I am a good woman to the men I date. I've been asked more than once to marry. Fortunately, I didn't throw my life away, for what may have been for good. My last relationship was a total disaster. He tried and is still trying to destroy me life. We have a son together. He is also destroying him in the process. With all the horrible relationships I've had with black men, yet loved them dearly. I have disconnected myself from them. I am not a woman who will let any man destroy my life. But for what I feel is best for me has lead me to inter racial dating. My first inter racial date was Portuguese. In three months it took him to give me what I couldn't get from a Black man in years. What I mean by what he gave me is what all women want. To feel like a queen. When even on your worst day whether you're ill, menstruating, lost your job, broke a nail, or depressed, you still feel beautiful and you just want to go out and shine. I still believe in my decent black men out there who believes in their black women. I just rather be happy than connected.
kyla kyla
36-40, F
Jun 5, 2007