Is It Wort It?

I sleep next to him every single night and I see him every day. We already spend enough time together but in a way I still feel so distant from him. I know we are completely different but it hasnt been much of an issue until a few months ago. We are as opposite as we can be in every sense of the word. We both have tried to make this worl but the bad and horrible moments outweigh the few good ones. I cant help but to think if its even worth it anymore.
Sunshine1058 Sunshine1058
18-21, F
1 Response Dec 2, 2012

Gut feelings are usually right. Is your gut telling you that you two aren't really right for each other? That's what it sounds like.

If you're 18-21 yrs old, then enjoy your youth. Shake it off, move on. Life is short, enjoy it, but life is also long, don't worry you'll have plenty more experiences both better and worse than this.