I'm very sensative to negativity. I never understood people. I do now. I'm still distant from most everyone in the world. I want to remain alone. I am not a social person. I can be nice to people who are nice to me. But I don't go looking for conversation, often. I can't relate to people my age. Okay some of them I can.

I was never like people. I was quiet and never understood why they do the things they do. I do now. I guess it's in their nature. I'm still not really like anyone. I just want to get through the day. That's who I am.

I am distant from people because of their desires. I like to be alone and I don't like to share.

Check out this group for online counselling. We are forming a group of unique counsellors. I hope you enjoy, and at least stop in!
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Jan 1, 2012