Silent Wisper

my silent wisper is painfull i keep a scar in me soo deep i will mostly speak i try to ease the pain but the pain keeps knoking on my door it hurts the want to be free to love to bewith a guy for once without thinking about the past but the past is still persent i fcan still fell him over me i can still smell that bastards smell he is present in almost all i do and the worst is that i cant hate him i cant hate all those people who did me rong i cant hate them but i wish i could i wish i could i really do for the confussion is way to much for me to take his violent strokek and his carlessness of what mighti feel his stupidty or cruelty thing is when you say no its mostly no but to him it was a yes yes yes as i sceamed my longs out
elior elior
18-21, T
1 Response Jul 17, 2010

That guy sounds just like someone that hurt me ! Men are bastards aren't they ? They only know how to take and never give back ! Sweetie **** him . His lost !

He used me n broke me fuf i sur did **** his *** off