The Definition Of Elated

elated: past participle, past tense of e·late
Make (someone) ecstatically happy: "I felt elated at winning".

I am a non native speaker of English.
"elated" was not a word I came across, when I was asked by the psychiatrist, if I feel elated for a longer period of time.
I was not sure what he meant and I am sometimes tired of asking for the dictionary definition of a word. Also definitions of a word do not always match to the concept of linguistic Meanings, that I accumulated through out my life.

Now what I was struggling with was the concept the meaning of elated. Did it mean high, as in drugged out of your mind, or high as in feeling of moving mountains, or even entire worlds?
Does it mean happiness in an euphoric kind of way? Or does it mean senseless metal overcharge?

So on that day I could not answer his question, as I was not sure of the level and severity, and the nature of this feeling.

I have looked up the definition since. I could assure him ( but he I am not his patient anymore); yes, I have those periods in my life when I feel "ecstatically" happy and I can have difficulties coming "down". I am overexcited. like a child that get those around it all annoyed and fed up. I am asked to calm down, talk quiet and get a grip on me.

I have this surge of energy and I over work to the extent that I have not been noticing that I have been running on 0 petrol for far too long. So I drop dead in my tracks, just when it is most inconvenient.

I am asked where I get all this energy from, as if this something rather alien.

I call it being a "smiley bubbly person".
Likewhatido Likewhatido
36-40, F
Jan 21, 2013