I Am Not Here

I have PTSD but the friend I have is my dog, but I feel alone floating through the universe, what else is there to say.
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3 Responses Sep 15, 2012

It's not easy feeling all alone I know but hey at least you have your dog for some kind of companionship through this tough time. Have you tried going to a therapist? Just for the sake of having someone to talk to and who will listen.

I have counselor, I go to group sessions and have gone to the VA hospital in Waco Tx. 3 times for their 8 week program. Most days I am fine just certain days that are bad but I know that my furry friend will always be there for me. Thank you

I'm sorry you have PTSD and I'm glad you have some one to talk too.

first of all, you're not alone...thats how i feel too....theres alot of people who suffer from PTSD..i'm not sure why but my husband and my neice were both told that they have that..but either way, hopefully you can find someone to talk to about it..and hope you get to feeling better:)