Empty Inside

I have been married for 34yrs. We have had our ups an downs like all marriages. He took this job where he works 80 hrs in one week the an next he is off. By rights he spends two days recovering fron his week. The problem really isn't his job although ot doesn't help. We have no physical relationship at all. He never just comes up an gives me a hug or kiss like he used to. His idea of foreplay is picking out something sect an putting it in the bathroom. I have wrote him letters sent him research info on distant marriages an he just don't get it. I feel do alone. So empty inside. I work st home kids are grown all our friends don't call anymore. I live my life mostly alone. I shop alone I work alone. I'm always alone. Anyone out there have any advice on how to reconnect with my husband? Please I'm desperate here I feel like I'm falling out of love with him because of the distance between us.
mammakim mammakim
51-55, F
May 20, 2012