Lost All Restraint

Hey I'm feeling so empty I wrote a story .

During December I felt so empty even after what happened today while I was walking home two robbers who were pointing their gun at a girl the same age as I was saw me their initial assumption was that I would give them my money too.

Seeing it a chance I pretend that I have a huge sum of money so they let the girl go then

One of them said they will kill me if I try anything funny since I was feeling empty I lost all my respect and restraint to kill people I was wearing a jacket so I came closer to the robbers and said "you know what you should do to trash when you see them you "clean" them up they were confused since I have a pocket knife in my hand I saw my chance so I stab him in the chest then punch the other guy in the nose then his crotch I took my swiss knife cover his mouth the I slit his throat then I burned their bodies

Usually I would only limit my self to breaking their hands and torturing them by using a tazer since I'm a sadist but the emptiness I felt was really deep.

Even now I don't feel any guilt I'm probably the worst person but I don't care It's not like I give a damn about society.

I'm from an asian country a third world country where crime and corruption can be seen everywhere the girl I don't know what happend to her.

-The lone wolf
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Jan 10, 2013