No matter how many times people tell me they like me or that I'm important, I always go back and focus on the little things that make me want to cry.
It's so easy to overanalyze a compliment or a regular statement and twist it into an insult. -_- I'm so unamused with that.
Then, feeling unappreciated makes me feel stupid, unloved and empty, like an emotionless sac of a human.
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2 Responses Aug 22, 2014

I relate to this it's frustrating isn't? try not to over analyze but it is good to think about where and whom the compliments are coming from. Does that make sense ?

Yeah, I see what you're saying; that definitely makes sense; I wrote this in a hight of a nice spiral of depression, so... just everything was empty and awful.

Good glad that made sense 😊 oh that's always tough but it can bring out some great writing but still sucks when things feel like that

thats sad try to focus on the positive comments don't t think about them take them as they are meant