Without You, I'm Nothing.

I feel so empty ever since you left.
You said you love me and you can't live without me but you are with her. You said you are going to marry me and we would live happily ever after. I believed you and I ended up falling for you all over again. But perhaps fairy tales are just for books, because now you are threatening to give up on me. Especially when you know that I can't live without you. The depression that I've been battling for years is trying to pull me down again. You give me hope and now you're taking it all away again. I want to break free but just thinking about you not in my life, makes me want to stop breathing literally. Sometimes I wonder, why on earth am i still alive or worst is why i was even born because without you, I'm nothing.  

whereRuSunshine whereRuSunshine
18-21, F
Feb 9, 2010