I Feel People Really Don't Care About Me

so i never had a girlfriend, i aid others on their relationships in order to make them stronger.

few days ago realize that those persons willget married and forgot me, in the end every friend will get married and forget about me.

i'll walk the path alone fool of sorrow, aiding others waiting for some one, if it doesn't happen the only one who i can wait for and be sure that it will arrive is.


i really hope to met someone who loves or i'll end up alone.

those the fact of supporting relationships make girls who are single to reject me? if it is then why? i have to stay alone in order to aid others?
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18-21, M
3 Responses Dec 14, 2012

Let me tell you something my dear. First I can see that you don't know what care mean ,but let me put it out stright for you care is about help and assist others and through friendship care comes. So if you tell me that no one cares about you then you got to take the other way leading to care with is EARN YOUR RESPECT because that's what the world needs and don't be rush even if you're 100 years old.

I'm pretty sure you'll find someone you just have to give it time and everything will unfold out into place you'll find them they just need to find you first

guess hope never dies, having troubles founding love will mean that fate is preaparing some nice stuff.

thank you for the advice.

One thing about this that i see often. We people who helped others often seek too much for reciprocation in another form. That's natural in a sense. But the thing is one's love life, is still based on one's effort towards the dream person, the helping OTHERS part doesn't count. People forever takes things for granted and they won't help you in return(maybe they will, but not in the form that you want).

So good luck bro ! Finding the one is always hard and the search is long. Unless you're some lucky bastard. haha! Too bad most of us are not.

thanks dude, it really aid

All in all, all the best. :)