Than I Really Will Walk Alone....

At some point someone will walk away, they will get married, die, something will happen to make them not want me part of their life anymore, than i will truly walk alone in this thing called "life" I will have to say goodbye to the ones I Love, and walk this lonely road, alone, without anyone with me. My worst fear is not that everyone will leave, because eventually everyone will leave. My greatest, and biggest fear is that everyone will leave, at the same time, and that without warning I will be forced to deal with everything, with losing everyone, and being alone, all at once.

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1 Response Feb 17, 2010

Aly... having that happen to me only reminds me of how important friends are. Yes, someday I will die, or maybe even find someone to fill this empty place in my heart, but I will never just walk away. Not from you and not from any of my friends.