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They usually do. I've just come to expect it. It's happened so often that now I can usually sense when they have one foot out the door. I'm learning to leave first to avoid being left.

SpiritOfTheRabbit SpiritOfTheRabbit
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4 Responses Mar 8, 2010

^ I know exactly what you mean- I disowned my entire family because of their repeated assaults against me verbally, mentally, and emotionally, and now my life is much more stable. I do not regret my decision. When I say "everyone", I mean everyone. family, friends, lovers, everyone. Nothing is permanent and that includes the relationships we share with people.

When you say everyone, I suppose you mean "everyone" as in relatives and such...because although I hate to agree and be such a negative nellie, it's true for many of has certainly happened in my life time and my case, I believe it is because I have established the way I expect people to be in my life...I don't need people who just take take take.....I have always been there or tried to be there for people who needed me....recently my sister who I supported in every way shape and form when her life went belly up, has deserted me. She is a major control freak, and the minute she saw that her tactics of control were not working with me, she no longer had any use for me....I will never allow anyone to do that to me again....

^ I definitely agree with you- I try to live by the saying, "When they leave, don't cry because they're gone, SMILE because they were there." Even though everyone leaves eventually, I always remember the good times I had with them fondly.

Don't mean to sound so negative, but you are right. Everyone will fail you, but you may not even realize how many people you have failed. Perhaps they never told you. Anyway, that is life and everything is for a season even, actually especially relationships. Some are longer than others, so instead of anticipating being hurt, make the most out of it. When it ends, you will know that you did everything you could in that relationship. If you have the attitude that you will leave first, then you are being very selfish and will never get what you need out of relationships that way. I hope that makes sense.