I feel fat. I've felt this way since I was in third grade and I hate it. I try not to eat but nothing works. I have always found solace in the fact that, as horrible as this is, one of my good friends is chubbier than me. But now she is on a diet and her mom wants her to lose 40 pounds, and if I have to be the "fat girl" I'm just going to hate myself. I'm 5'4 and I weigh 131 pounds, I seriously want to lose about 10-15.
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Tell me about it

Being healthy and wanting to be skinny or smaller are two different things. Perhaps you should talk to your doctor about what the proper weight range is for your height and age and then go from there. Try being more active and doing portion control. Its not always about what you eat but how much. Also drink more water. you can never go wrong there. I'm a big girl myself and am always struggling but if you ever need anyone to vent to I'm your girl. Take care and always remember just to love the skin your in.