My Father Is Sending Me Away

I'm fourteen years old. FOURTEEN! And I missed my chance. You see, my parents got divorced when I was 11 years old and what did I do to cope? Eat. I ate everything in sight and I gained about 200 pounds. Im now at about 270 lbs. But the worst part? I'm pretty. I looked it up and I have everything that society says is beautiful. I'm tall, I have high cheekbones, and long legs. I have wavy blonde hair and blue-green eyes. If I could have just kept my damn mouth shut I cound have been a bomb shell.I dont mean to flatter myself but I have been told this. Modeling is big here and if I could have controlled myself I could have made money to support my mother after the divorce. Now all I am is a sad sack of flesh that wasted her potential.I was really depressed about this for a while, especially when my Mother told me that she was going to send me to Wellspring Academy more than 700 miles away. Wellspring is a school for fat kids where you are worked like a dog untill you loose 100 lbs. Thats when I started trying harder. I lost 20 lbs. Today she brought it back up. Apparently I havnt been doing any good. Im still her embarassing daughter. She was prom queen and Im worthless. She is embarassed by me. It hurts so badly to know that my own mother, the woman who was supposed to love me unconditionally, thinks I'm an ugly screw up. No matter how well I do in school. No matter how motivated in my studies I am, I will always be a dissapointment. I actually thought that I might be able to have a full and rich life without changing my appearance. Apparently not.
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cant believe your mum sayi.g that thats not nice :( u are not wothless hun
i have comfort eat many times though iv somehow managed to stay with in a healthy weight but i feel fat i have quite a bit of chub :/ lol
but honestly its better that u turned to food than somethink worse like drugs xxx

I love to comfort eat. Especially as it makes me comfortably fatter!

i love eating but really want to be slimer xx

Then turn into a green ghost and start eating hotdogs by the dozen! LMAO

lol x

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I can't believe your mom is treating you like that, that's terrible!

Sweetie it's not over, you can lose the weight if you put your mind to it. Please don't think for a minute that you can't turn this around. I know it feel like the end of the world, but believe me if you add some exercise and cut out sugars, pastas, bread for a month, you'll begin to see results. Turn this around starting now and in a couple years when you are 17, you will be a beautiful swan...