I Am Tired of Feeling Fat

and I have tried to lose weight and I get hungry and pig out every time at dinner. I think oh well it won't matter much if I have seconds or thirds and then I weigh the next day and I weigh more. I eat breakfast  and lunch and some snacks. I can't control myself at dinner. I know its something mental but I can't figure out what...
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31-35, F
3 Responses Jun 20, 2007

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I kinda think I feel the same. Kinda like grams said. But you just have to have support fromt the people around you and you cannot keep bad stuff in your house and you cannot prepare more than what you should eat. You should try Fitday.com. It's a free website. You will see how one day you ate about 4000 calories! (Happened to me!!! OMG) But that some days you only ate 900 (not good either) I wish the best to you!!!

Hunny, you sound like 65% of the population. Don't know why its so hard, maybe we eat because were sad, lonely,depressed,anxious... we can make up all kinds of reasons.I like to keep all kinds of goodies around,but I do raw veggies and dip, now they have great wheat baked chips, you do not have to starve eat all you want of good foods. all kinds of sugar free drinks also, you have to try to make a commitment and try not to eat 2 hrs before bedtime. Good Luck