I'm just a few pounds away from 200! Currently I'm 5'2" and 193 pounds. Hope I can get bigger quickly. My belly is starting to creep more and more onto my lap which is exciting. My stretch marks are finding more room to appear and my double chin is more prominent. My belly right now is 46 inches around at the navel. I posted some new pics too! All is good in being fat:)
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U shood messege me

hi everybody... I know how you feel. For years since I was 13 years old (I'm 40 now) I've been feeling the same way, but 2 months ago I did find a new concept for me called "nutritional cleanse".

At the beginning I was skeptical to try it because since my child birth, my wife and I have been trying everything to loose weight (she went from 170 to 215 pounds). Anyway, I saw a lot of reviews and pictures of amazing transformations, so we gave it a shot.

As you can see on my profile picture, I loose 10 pounds in just the first 11 days. Now, I'm 20 pounds less and adding some exercise (that I couldn't do because it was painful) and my wife is under 200 for the first time after 3 years.

I have to be honest with you... it needs commitment and effort, but I rather that than a heart attack (as a close friend experienced just at 39 years old).

For sure, now you are thinking that I'm trying to sell you something... more than that, I'm trying to help you because as I did say before, I've been there and I know how it feels. We are now believers because we see what it is doing in our bodies. Now I can play with my daughter and run with her and we want to share the same with everybody.

If you want some more info, please reply and I'll send you everything without any commitment.

Hoping to help you soon,


Great story
But the auther of this post did not post this from shame
She is bragging about her weight gain
U and the auther of this post c being fat to different ways
U let secioty turn u into one that blames fat for misory
While she loves the feeling of her huge sexy belly and wants more
Not careing about the side effects
All u r is one of those annoying ******** who push weight loss on those who dont want it
Good by
Love bein fat

Wanna chat???


Hell to DA yeah

message me i want to talk to a fatty ;)

I'm happy for you :) congrats

I am sooo jelly about your belly!! I am gaining but have a too high metabolism

Moon belly...beautiful!

Awwww - how sweet you are hun!!! Please add me as a friend!

Hey I can't message you and id love to talk about your beautiful belly!

Have you grown since this post?

Hi :) please add

Your belly is perfectly shaped


freakin fatty ;) jealous of the progress!

Me too!!!

Good job! :)

What a greedy fat piglet you are! I bet at this moment you're thinking about what you can stuff your hungry hole with? Wonderful!

Keep gaining! :)

Hi :) please add!

Wow!! Loved seeing the new photos of your round tummy! The gaining is looking amazing on you, really would love to feed and rub that tummy fatty :)

Thank you!

Would love to chat with you sometime :)

add me plz! I can't message you :(
wanna talk? :)

Sounds great. Wanna chat


I'm hope I'm not like being a weirdo but do you want to be friends?

Sure haha! It's not weird at all! :)

I don't have many friends anywheres so haha

Plus you seem kind

I want to be friends

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Just 7 more pounds to absolute beauty

that's awesome

Awesome progress =D