I'm Not Pregnant, I'm Just Fat!!!

Well, if I was pregnant I'd be four months in and I look exactly as if I am four months pregnant. The only problem is... I'M NOT PREGNANT! I'm just fat. Now, compared to the morbidly obese 159lbs at 5'4" is not fat, but I am a cow compared to societal norms. I recently lost 17 lbs and I'm a lot smaller than I was before, but I traded in a fat flab for a "baby bump". I just thought maybe I should be feeling a little sexier by now. Not at all; I'm going to buy spanx tomorrow for my blind date next week because my confidence has entirely deteriorated. PMS and bloating makes it a million times worse too. I'm just so tired of sucking it in when I look at myself the mirror. The numbers on the scale are dropping as well as my self-esteem. Regardless, I'm going to keep at it until I look my best.

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4 Responses Nov 24, 2009

I can help if uwant advice when willu be online.

i seriously gat that all the time and i clamp thier hand down on my fat overhang and say "do you feel it kick? and jiggle it. once someone grabs my stomach its obvious im just seriously obese

Got asked yesterday, how long I had left to go!! If I was pregnant I honestly don't think i look that fat to warrant anyone asking me when I'm due!! It was a major blow to my confidence as I've lost 21lbs recently now I feel as fat as I ever did.<br />
I don't know how to build my confidence up after a blow like that.

I agree orangetex! That's what I do and I love it when they rib or patbur belly too it's funny