I'm So Scared - Help.

I'm scared I'll never find someone who loves me who I can love back. I'm scared I'll never have a boyfriend. They say that some guys like asian girls but that only applies to the tiny ones. That's why they like them. Because they're tiny. Please write somebody, I don't know why no body is commenting on my stories. Is it because I'm asian or something? I don't want to be with someone fatter than me. I do want to be with someone attractive - doesn't everybody?

Please help. I'm not overweight but I'm fat. I live in NY so being "healthy" is being fat here especially. Again- HELP PLEASE. I don't like going to the gym twentyfour seven. I am pretty happy with everything but my legs. they are flabby and fat.

hayliegreen hayliegreen
18-21, F
4 Responses Feb 26, 2010

It wasnt always this way, and I went through a really tough time last year, So now I do everything for myself and dont listen to the people who try to hurt me. Resiliance, is something earned and everything that doesnt break you, ends up making you. Try small steps, like 10 sit ups or a 5 minute walk, keep working at adding more small things into your day and set goals, if you want something bad enough you never give up despite the set backs. Good luck. <3

1-2 hours of exercise a day? oh lord...I can't believe you have the energy, resilience and time. That sounds...ridiculous. Or maybe I just think that way because I know I don't have the willpower within me. I'm quite weak - I have been for as long as I can remember

Im in the same age group as you and I used to be bigger than I am, okay I was a fair bit fatter, 20 pounds and somehow I managed to have a few boyfriends, even though now i weigh less im single. The thing is finding someone who likes you for you takes time, it doesnt matter how fat, skinny,tall, short etc you are its about luck and timing. Ive found a good diet and plenty of exercise at least an hour or 2 a day is the trick, and you will find someone but taketime to enjoy being single too!

Im Asian and I really have no idea what makes you think so .. Im still in Asia and Im happy to be here. My bf is European but however, if you would like to talk, Im here for you ;)