Wishful Thinking

When my corset is laced tightly, my nylons are securely gartered and my makeup is complete I feel completely feminine.    I love to run my hands over my feminized body and wish it never had to end.  To be a "Lady" forever would be wonderful.  I even wonder what it would be like to have a male friend and -----?

04/12/08  T've been doing a lot of thinking lately.  One thought, wish might be a better word, that keeps running through my mind goes back to when I first srarted crossdressing.  I wish my mother had caught me and made me the daughter she always wanted.  In retrospect I'm not sure she would have objected.  I can remember as a very small boy being treated in a girlish manner.  I remember playing with my doll collection.  I can vaguely recall a peculiar article of clothing.  The time was the very early 1930s so perhaps it wasn't too unusual.  It was an item of underware, a one piece combination of shirt top and bottom.  It had a flap in back.  It had garters (suspenders in Briton) and was worn with long cotton stockings.  I still have visions of her fastening the garters and seeing my legs in the stockings.  I know I wore these in kindergarden.  I can vaguely recall wearing them with short pants, the latter being a normal dress item in those days. I don't know if any other boys worn them.  This, the garters and stockings, was probably a precursor to my later desires.  Knowing what I know now, it would have been wonderful if mom had caught me in her corset and encouraged my interest in crossdressing.  I could have been that boy in a corset and feminine clothes that one often reads about in CD stories.

)5/23/08  A very sad moment of my life was when I out grew her corsets.  I bought a ma n's surgical corset at about age 20 but it wasn't the same.  It wasn't a woman's corset. I finally got my wish at age 25 when my wife let me wear one.  I'll never forget it.  It was rather long, back laced and made of rubber.  It had garters so I could wear stockings.

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U should bring your dreams and phantasies into reality Not all at once but gradualy so yu can see what it might lead to. The help of a friend or partner who will help and decide whats good for u and them will help Seeing a profesional Mistress might open the door to greater things

Again, this fits 90 percent of my own story. My father wore an "orthopedic" corset, which I inherited a few year ago. Still what I love to wear is a off-the-shelf corset as older women wore. Pink, back laced with garters and black nylons. I sometimes sleep in it, when it is not too hot weather. Apart from my wife, I only disclosed my love for corsets to one of my secretaries, who encouraged me to wear them.<br />

If this is a story, it's preetty good. Which I'm pretty sure it is...