I Once Thought I Was A Cross Dresser...

For many many years I enjoyed dressing in feminine clothing, feeling silky and smooth and wearing bras, panties, stockings, dresses, skirts. More and more it just felt right when I was janie. As time went on I was drawn more and more to the feminine side of life. I never really enjoyed many of the stereotypical male activities while crying at movies and the like was second nature to me. Years ago I stumbled on the concept of feminization hypnosis. I tried it on a lark and more and more I wanted to be male less and less. Now I realize that my cross dressing was really only janie trying desperately to emerge, it was the real me, the woman I am trying to get out, crying for life.

I was really never a "boy in a dress" I was actually a woman in a male body. I am now working on expressing my feminine side more and more and crave that feeling of femininity 24/7. I AM Janie Now. :) I am going to work on growing my breasts and hopefully filling out my hips more and my butt too (giggle). I need to finally be who I really am. Yes I feel feminine, because I AM a female, contrary to the body I have been going through life in. My heart, my soul, and gradually my body... all feels feminine!

I love it!

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4 Responses Jan 10, 2012

I so understand where you're coming from and what it's like to feel like a woman on the inside and look like a "male" on the outside. I started on hormones a few weeks ago, and let me tell you, it makes all the difference, especially when your breasts begin to grow. IT'S SO EXCITING :)!!!!! I sometimes find myself looking at them when I think no one is looking...LOL.
On another note, you do whatever you feel is right for you and let no one deter you from realizing the inner woman inside of you. YOU GO GIRL!!!!

Fabulous sweetie

janie love your decision my feeme soul wants to be SASA tooo kissessss

Oh whata beautiful story. Avice xx

Thank you so much. I am glad you enjoyed it. It feels so wonderful to open up and just be me with people here! xoxox

How I envy you. I am marreid to a wonderful woman who just doesn't understand women trapped in a male body. She would divorse me if she knew I was dressed as I am right now. I feel so right this way and like a poor sad example of a man. Mens clothes are rough, plain, simple, and ugly. I much profer the styles, colors, and variety of womens clothing. They are soft, sexy, comfortable, airy and light, in many more colors than I can imagine and all feminine. I'm fully dressed right now and am in heaven. She is at work and will be till 6:00 pm. I have to be somewhere at 3:00 and I'm staying fem till I have to get ready.

Are you sure she would leave? My husband thought the same thing and he was wrong! I love him and everything that makes him who he is. Yes it did take a bit to get use to and yes a morned the loss of my husband a bit BUT am so very happy that he finally came "clean" and told me. Our marriage has never been better and i am crazy in love with my husband no matter if he is "him" or Danielle :D I hope you too can find this freedom I hope your wife can love you for everything you are :D and it all sounds wonderful !!!