Becoming Robyn

Slowly. But surely going full time feel best as robyn been on herbal estrogen Looking into castration looking For friends with similar interests
Robynjudkins Robynjudkins
46-50, T
7 Responses Feb 14, 2012

I wish I have someone talk w me more about explain to me more

it takes time but ^w^d castration is a rather simple usually easy process :3

Good luck with your progress.

I am seeking castration also

I to would love to be castrated for becoming more fem. but I want the real thing the scrotom removed too.

me too hun

I know what your talking about. I have been taking herbals now for the last three months and my breast are growing just fine. But I want more than breast. I would like to have a soft feminine body nice curved hips and so on. I've always been a women in a man's body. If I were not married I would go have the sex change operation. I've been looking into it just to see how much it cost. You do what is right for you... Go Girl!