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Becoming Robyn

Slowly. But surely going full time feel best as robyn been on herbal estrogen Looking into castration looking For friends with similar interests
Robynjudkins Robynjudkins 46-50, T 8 Responses Feb 14, 2012

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I wish I have someone talk w me more about explain to me more

it takes time but ^w^d castration is a rather simple usually easy process :3

Good luck with your progress.

I am seeking castration also

I to would love to be castrated for becoming more fem. but I want the real thing the scrotom removed too.

me too hun

I know what your talking about. I have been taking herbals now for the last three months and my breast are growing just fine. But I want more than breast. I would like to have a soft feminine body nice curved hips and so on. I've always been a women in a man's body. If I were not married I would go have the sex change operation. I've been looking into it just to see how much it cost. You do what is right for you... Go Girl!

So much like me! I dream of castration and am taking herbals too. I have achieved breast growth and just love my little schoolgirl *******!