Feeling Feminine

i always feel feel feminine but especially when i start to get ready to go out to new york city and meet my girlfriends every wed.i usually wear my lingerie under my drabs when i go to work in the morning,as soon as i come home i put on my girdle and my nylon stockings and my best slip.if time allows i do my make up put on my hairpiece and drive to the station and wait for the subway train to take me into the city.for me being feminine is how i love feel every day.and this is why being a crossdresser is the best thing that ever happened to me.love phylisanne

phylisanne phylisanne
70+, F
1 Response May 14, 2008

Oh how well do I know that feeling.Ever sence I retired I wear nothing but womens clothes.I makes me feel so sexy and like being a whole person.Not like when I had to wear men's clothes to go to work,I felt like half a person.