All Day

now that I am wearing womens cloths all day and lipstick i feel i am really getting n touch with my girly ide and it makes mw feel so femienine that it sometimes quite turns me on. Strange!
christinemelody christinemelody
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4 Responses Jun 2, 2012

I never meet ladyboy but I wish I meet one and have all my respect

Not strange at all. I get very turned on when I get in touch with my fem side

I know how you feel. When I have the opportunity to wear "woman's" clothes for and entire day;I take full advantage because I don't get to do this as often as i used to. I,too get turned on when I'm fully a woman. It is so strange to me that being a woman turns me on more that being a male ever did.

it is

how do you get to wear ALL day? I wish I could, and so do so many other guys, I'm sure!

i choose my cloths so that they are eeryday acceptable. i'm not one of these drag act cds so I am accepted when I am wearing female clothes