Changing To Woman Part-2

then the prince returned to the kingdom.the king is happy that his son is as usual.from next day onwards the change starts.the prince did not want to go to hunting,he is not coming from his room.when he goes outside he is watching ladies movements and ladies clothes.he used to talk more with ladies.his walking style is also changed.the king got doubt and asked the ladies in kingdom not to talk with prince.the king closed his son in single by day his behaviour is changing.slowly he lost his body hairs.his skin became smooth.he started to grow his hair.after one month his chest started to grow into breast.he did pooja daily to kaali.then one fine kaali blessed with his tapassu and said if u want to see me clearly he should completely dress like lady.then the prince said he dont have any ladies clothes.then kaali matha changed his entire room into feminine one.his room is now with 10 ladies to look after story afterwards
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Simple. Help me with the outcome or moral of the story!

Hi, seems you have been a deep into the subject.

The catch of the story as to me is strong - There is nothing as attractive and beautiful as being a woman (Female). Its an underline for any male.

Does that mean God has punished those men who really wanted to be a female by birth?

no not like that.i doesnt mean that