I Am a Tomboy But :

I enjoy being a girl!!

I am tomboyish. I hate dressing and make-up and all that stuff.. I am usually wearing some rugged jeans and a over-sized t-shirt with rolled sleeves. I am definitely not girlish!

But, I feel the power of being feminine!!I am very feminine in different ways!

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Can I message you

Socklord: <br />
<br />
I am girl.<br />
So it comes to me naturally!

****, me too. I hide it under a macho exterior though, I'm a guy. And no, I don't cross-dress, or experiment.

Thankyou josie!!

You are a wonderful Lady. Please don't forget that. Be yourself.

I guess I am a tomboy turning girlish. I worked from punching guys, playing football, hating girlish stuff, hanging around only with boys to what I am today. I am appreciating the little changes I have made.

Well you are not really a tom boy. Dress in what you are comfortable in. What make a woman is whats inside. How you treat people how you let people get close to you. Dressing like that does not show your dissinterest in women things but your interest in all things.