I Feel Pretty Oh So Pretty

What is it that makes a woman feel feminine anyway?  As the multi sensory person I am I suppose it's whatever makes me feel pretty.  Carefully selected jewellery, the right perfume (that seems to be an impossibility), and sexier clothes.  Topping it off  would be stockings & high heels.

Now if I had a long day at work, It's a tub with Bath and Body works Lavender Vanilla and smooth jazz and of course - sexy satin jammies.  Then I feel like a girl

In my line of work, all of these are not practical.  So when I get a chance to, I do.  It just makes me feel like a girl.

gdgtgrl gdgtgrl
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4 Responses Nov 14, 2008

I relate so much to you

For me, pretty is as pretty does. It's not at all what you're wearing or how you accessorize. It's who you are and how you project that.

As a man I would say you were feminine if you have big boobs and a nice bum. <br />
But some tasteful jewelry and a senuous aroma is good. (But the latter is a sex part not a gender part,as in feminine) Its difficult to distinguish sexy with feminine if your a man, but I think a woman would see a difference. I'm trying to be serious here