I Feel For Tilikum

I just want to write about this because it's upsetting me listening to idiot's on radio and TV deciding on Tilikum's life.

First I would just like to extend my condolences to Dawn's family, she must be a great loss......

Having watched several items of footage containing Dawn and Tilikum's act, it is fantastic It must be said.

I don't think Tilikum is a dangerous animal, look at him performing and as Dawn is in a TV interview Tilikum is on dry land just laying there whilst being filmed with no threat to anyone.

Now if i have my fact's right Tilikum was captured and taken from the wild and put into captivity, 20 years ago this sort of thing's was acceptable unless there was a particular reason for this other than just putting the orca on display for human entertainment and profit.  This I find disturbing to confine creatures but I do understand the good that comes from it too !!!

 Dawn I belive was 41 so I guess she has trained Tilikum for a number of years and loved the Whales "like her own children" an emotional relationship would have been formed and I guess both ways. You know as perhaps a dog would with it's owner??? 

Tilikum grabbed Dawn and took her into the water, the mouth for most animals is the only way to be able to show affection or to handle object's.

A horse for instance would bite to show affection if you watch horses in a field long enough, I have been honored to be on the receiving end of this and strange but true it was a nice feeling. Lets face it I would bite  too if I fancied you......  ;) 

Tilikum was obviously a play full animal but remembering performing for food huh?? 

Tilikum has been involved in other  deaths the event and circumstances I am not aware, but in this instance I would like to make an assumption that Tilikum wanted to play but play his games his way for a change,we should remember the animal is still animal which I would like to argue cannot be taken out of a creature.... 

I get upset in many was about this whole thing, the fact the whale is there in the first place. The fact Oceanworld are to carry on so soon after the event but the profit's have to be kept up  More than anything is the fact there are people would like to see Tilikum put to sleep, this must not happen because if Tilikum was still in the sea where he belongs...


I'm done. 






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whow, I guessed it right, Hey I think swomeone should put the humans under the microscope I don't think the animals are at falt here they are put under pressure to earn money to please people...... AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would say with a bit of rehab he could be released I don't suppose he would go on the rampage.<br />
What's violent to us may not be to Tilikum huh, that's the problem with captive animal the captors love it when the animals perform and bring in the paying punters but when animals do something natural they have to be killed....... Very very sad. <br />
<br />
Thanks for reading and cmmenting...

Hello you..........No, too right it's just one of those thing's

awww i hadn't heard about this but then again i live under a rock. It's sad what happened and don't think Tilikum shouldnt be killed either :(