Miss You. Please Say You Miss Me Too.

My BESTEST friend ever moved right before the end of the school year and the last time I saw her was in the Home Ec room; I now hate that room.  We were connected through email and facebook, but her emails and messages got shorter and shorter until the practically stopped.  I became nervous until I got an email from her and I was SO excited, until I read it.  It said, "When are you sending my yearbook?  I miss you. (let's say her name is Lexi) -Lexi"  I sent a LONG reply and she replyed saying, "Thanks.  Cool.  -Lexi"  And I was crushed.  What am I supposed to say to that?  Well, I still don't know what's going on and I am feeling so lonely.

"Every word feels like a shooting star, I'm at the edge of my emotions, watching the shadows burning in the dark...and I'm terrified for the first time and the last time"
MrsLautner MrsLautner
Jul 20, 2010