Maybe if I don't say a thing... maybe if I just quietly watch from a distance... if I close my eyes and just turn invisible... then just maybe then they won't notice me, the lonely forgotten one....

...feeling lost.... gotta bolt before i bring the entire world into mine...

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5 Responses Feb 24, 2008

Okay did you have to make me cry!!! I love you darlin'.... and I'll never EVER forget those days.<br />
<br />

id never forget you sweet :) <br />
d'you know, its been a year since you found me wandering round here, and took me in? <br />
could never forget you, no matter how much you wanted too. all those conversations, all the times you stayed up to talk to me, and get me through some really **** nights when id just left home and felt so alone.<br />
love you split.<br />

Invisible is a feeling I have often... alone in a world so big is the saddest sad around.

Ner forgotten, lost only to yourself nae ta me. I will shelter you if you will be brave. Hold you when you are scared. Kiss your tears away... MnM<br />
Tis so......

I have felt this also on occassion and you know what, neither one of us is either lost or forgotten. Although a couple of times I had to go outside of my comfort zone and speak up, you are to special to ever be lost and forgotten dear. smile and hugs from me :)