Already There

When you drop out of the "public eye" people tend to forget you exist fast! My phone doesn't ring and my social life is almost non-existant. When you do run into people on rare occasions they always say they will call , but they never do. I have become accustomed to being forgotten.....
cinfullynn cinfullynn
46-50, F
5 Responses Feb 24, 2008

People can be funny sometimes.....I think alot has been lost to modern technology.I mean for ex. who sends anyone mail anymore?

I know the feeling. people never call me and when i see them in the street they always ask me, "Why don't you call me?" when it's really why didn't you call me back. my best friend lives a few houses down for me and sometimes i don't see her for several months. you would think we lived in a different state.

I have ,I am home alone with my best friend living next door. Thanks Indy. *Mwah*

*Indy kisses Cyn on the cheek.*<br />
<br />
I haven't forgotten you.

I knew someone would say that, but I have called a few people and they have never called me back. There are a lot of them and only one of me.