Have You Forgotten Everything...?

 Have you actually lost memories into everything we ever had, done, said and felt?
What did I do that was so wrong? Why do you blow me off when I need you most? Why do you come to me when only you want me? Why am I so invisable to you? Why don't you just tell me before I lose my mind? Why can't I be happy without you? Why did you do this? How could you do this? Tell me please...♥
Those questions run through my mind everytime I see, talk or think about him. He's done so much to make one of the biggest impacts in my life and I bet he's proud of hurting and loving me so much at the same time. He's kissed me, he's dissed me, he's hugged me and he leaves me. I don't understand why he does what he does, but I can tell you that I've considered running from all my troubles... mainly the ones with and about him. He doesn't show affection like he used to when we were so happy. He made me feel so worthful and just so... wanted and special. But now... I don't even recognize his face anymore. He isn't him. He's broken the one promise I continue to hold onto. "Stay by my side forever, and I'll stay by yours." "Okay, I promise you that I will." "Do you?" "Yes. Of course." --- ~Couple months later~ --- "Screw her, she's just sprung. I'm only messing with her because she's easy."
My Thoughts:
How dare you... Why am I easy? Because I loved and still love you to this very day. You've COMPLETELY forgotten yourself and everything you are. You've lost your freakin' mind and I don't even know who I once loved. Was it really you? Did you kill the old you and come with a new? Honestly... You did.
You forgot me to bring in the othergirls you say you love. You cheat. You lie. You just forgot everything you stand for. You forgot me and everything we had and I hope you're happy with every heart beat and breath you take living a day without me because mine won't be easy to do. I will be miserable and it was all because of you and your forgetfullness of all happiness I THOUGHT I brung you. Obviously, you lied about everything... Once more... You've forgotten me.

iTheGreatCheeeeeese iTheGreatCheeeeeese
13-15, F
Apr 28, 2012