Feel Is A Nice Way To Put It

People will just tell me it is all in my head. However, I know it is not just in my head. It is not surprise that once my sisters moved out of state my mom suddenly wanted to see me at least once a week. It is no surprise that the only time my sisters can take ***** out their mouths and even just check in with me is when a holiday is coming up or they realize that it has been almost 10 months since they heard anything from me. It does not matter if I send them text messages or letters or call them. If I am lucky, I get a text within 3 days, a call within 10 days and a letter within.. hmm well let me see... right now the record is....2 years. Sure the family can find time to spend their days staring at facebook on their phone. Commenting on every picture that is posted by their friends. They can remember to call each other. However, when it comes time to call the male in the family... well **** they just forgot. I guess guys you are not ******* are not worth much.

The worst part about it all is they make it seem like I am not putting forth any effort. I can go back and pull up emails., call records, text messages.. the only thing I cannot pull back up are letters. Even worse is when the siblings are coming home. They talk about having a sibling get together for whatever reason. Well suddenly all that enthusiasm falls right off the face of the planet. You know they forget or they lose track of time or... well any number of generic excuses.

I try, and the only time they try back is when they need something. When they need advice on buying a computer, picking a new cellphone carrier, on software, and if I am lucky on fitness. **** they even make it seem like I am getting in the way of their day on my birthday. I take time out of my day to give them a phone call on their birthday. The best I generally get is a text message really early in the morning, so they do not forget, or really late at night just to cover their *****.

So lets be honest I do not have to feel anything.
ForgottenMale ForgottenMale
26-30, M
Jan 18, 2013