I suppose this is really just a moody winge then a proper concern, but....

..I helped babysit my twin nieces and her friends daughter while they went out for a friends birthday. I had to be at work early the next day but had to delay going to bed to make sure the kids got to sleep and were settled before going to bed myself.

 My brother and mum came round early the next day to look after them while I went to work (was only going in for a few hours) to look after them until I got home and get them up and dressed etc. (all of this pre-arranged by us a week beforehand)

I returned from work and all was well, then when my sister and her friend returned to pick them up they'd brought everybody breakfast on the way over to say thank you for babysitting. Well, everyone except for me. And I really don't know if I should take to heart that they didn't or not, was it just oversight on their part, did they just get the numbers wrong or did they forget I would have been home by the time they got there? It just feels like they didn't care though :( Maybe I am being picky over this, reading more into than there is. But if someone is forgotton about in the family it is usually me, usually me that doesn't get invited on nights out or included in events.

 Am I being forgotton by them or do they just not care about me?

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it doesn't sound like just you <br />
<br />
they seem ude and thoughtless