I Am ...

If you say this to yourself often enough then that's exactly what you will become!!

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10 Responses Mar 1, 2010

Yes ButterflyKisses ... exactly!!

quite right luv ... I am becoming very sleepy now ... time I went to bed ... lol

I think you are right WIB. The mind and your attitude are very powerful. I think you become what you believe you are.

pix always has a good day ... she's made that way!!

sorry ersatz ... it's late here now ... my humour glands have obviously gone to sleep ... I thought you were being serious dear ... I thought it sounded a bit gloomy for you!!

thanks pix - hope you're having a good birthday dear!! positive thinking always wins!!

That's a shame ersatz - if you mean by that that things will always turn out badly if that's what you believe - then I agree - I think we mould our own destiny with our thoughts to a large extent. If you get up in the morning thinking the day will be a bad one - you can be sure it probably will. I just try not to do that.

Yes...you've got that right WIB!!!!! :-)

True ersatz - yes I do.

kisses to you Steve, thank you.