When i joined EP i was thinking about suicide, people in EP are so nice and they really cheered me up, but i met someone in EP so special he chat with me for hours almost 15 hrs and he changed my life completely.

He took away my frustration and loneliness. I was able to sleep. He gave me confidence and made me smile again.

Thank you Mrworld your an angle to me.

I made up my mind i will help anybody who needs help
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What a lovely story, I hope you continue to gain strength and continue to smile x

Hello. I am leading a project with a group of my friends, which is to convert a school bus into an RV. We have been planning, designing and finalizing the project for roughly 5 months, but now I need help to fund the project . (By the way there are rewards for donating to the project) So for more information please check out the link below:

How insensitive can you be?!

I'm glad you feel better and met someone who was able to talk to you and help you get things into perspective. I would do that too if I came across anyone feeling down and/or in dispair. Thankfully my chats haven't needed to be *quite* as long as that yet. :)


Thank you. And don't forget to tell others about this project!

sure tq