Such a Great Day

well today i woke up to a good glass of Prune Juice..afterwards i turned on my treadmill and just went on an hour walk at 3.2 speed..[[yesterday i ran]] but anyways...after i cooled down a bit decided to go shower..buttttt my dad got home so we watched the Met and yankees game..well it got stop because of the rain so i switch to hbo...thats where they were giving willy wonka soo i watched it then i FINALLY Went to the Shower...and i took a Good Long shower..and now im on experience project and watching the Mets game still..well i feel really good 2day i dont know why well in a few im going to my cousins house probably to bother her i dont know but i feel real refreshed i think its because of the shower but yeah i never notice how soft my skin is..its amazing..i did my hair really pretty today added lip gloss and wow this is a ONCE IN A MILLION becuz i usually feel down in the dumps just ugly but today i feel at least cute
SourLove SourLove
18-21, F
1 Response Jun 16, 2007

Yech! Prune Juice. :P<br />
I wish I was more motivated to work out. I am so lazy.<br />
Also it's good that you found something in yourself that made you feel good.