Maybe Not Everything

I end up feeling guilty about a lot of things.  Even the ones that aren't my fault.  Through some sick reasoning I'll convince myself that I probably could have done something to prevent whatever the problem at hand is and then I start feeling guilty.  It's terrible, really.  I hate it!!
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Thank you. I'll try. You too, though!!<br />
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God, I was beginning to think I was the only one who did this because people always think I'm nuts. My friends and family all say that I'm the only one I know who is so hard on myself for everything. I recently did something pretty terrible that hurt both me and other people, and I'm having a hard time bouncing back. Focus as hard as you can on the GOOD things you've done, and as hard as it is (and i know it's tough), DO NOT look back. It prevents you from solving the new problem at hand to sit around thinking about what you could have done differently or what's wrong with you as a person, etc. With me that's a spiral effect and if I don't stop it right away it gets nuts; Idk how it is for you. Tell yourself you're worth it...over and over and over. Good luck!