They Think They Can Help..

Everytime I feel depressed and people try to help, I hate that. Nothing will work on me. They'd have suggestions and I know I would say "Yeah sure, I'll try that" ButI know I won't. I stopped putting negative moods on ep, because instantly people will message me and I would just want to be left alone or be treated like nothing is wrong.

I feel guilty that people waste their time on me, I'm not worth it. Just the reaction I get annoys me, because I feel like I wanna help them then, to make them feel better about themselves for trying to help me.

I just keep telling people "Don't mind me, I'm just negative all the time."

People would be so happy and stuff and then I'd kill their mood just to help me. I feel like a party pooper. 

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think positive and your life will change instanly remember tommorow it will be better with a positive attitude!!!!!!!!!!

That's nice, thanks for sharing.

I think every depressed person has a reason to be so depressed for . I have been depressed and all people's suggestions couldn't work with me , in fact they were just annoying and drove me mad ... at that time I hated everything were around me , I even hated myself and I didn't like to see my face in the mirror ... but there was someone who really help me ... he never gave me suggestion and then left me alone like what the others did ... he already took me with him everyday to any place that could make me happy or at least to forget what I have been through ... so day by day I felt better and I felt strong and now I can make myself busy with things that I like to do ... I still working on myself ... that was my story with depression , and the person who helped me was my younger brother ... I just wanted to share it with you and to say being depressed for a short time is not an easy thing ..... what about all the time ?... now when I feel depressed again and someone give me a suggestion to do .. I tell them don't give me a suggestion ... just take me to Disneyland and I will be better there ... but they don't do that was my story , that's all :)

You are right, you can only help yourself. However, we are here to make sure that you don't give up on yourself!

Thanks, except that your 13-15, so I can't message you. :)

...putting up this story is not going to reasure people that ull be fine...;)...i also agree with u...i feel guilty when people worry and waste their time on me of all things...but i am here if u ever want to talk...this isnt a burden on gives me a purpose...