It's so sad and sickening that we only get 1 life and almost everything of what the quality of that life will be comes from how we are born. I don't understand why i wasn't born as disabled, down syndrome, deformed, infertile or otherwise horribly non-privileged person and some people are, that thought is too much for me to handle and it screws my mind over and over again. I wish i could live my life without thinking about those thinks and concentrate on my own life, but i don't think i can, it's so selfish and the guilt is too much that i would enjoy my life and my privileges and some people have to horribly suffer a hell on earth and they didn't ask for it, if god is real why would he give such and ****** life for some people and not for me example? Yes, i feel guilty for even being alive, many even innocent kids die on daily and i get to enjoy my privileged life and that's wrong too. I didn't always used to be like this, but now that i realize how shocking the reality of that you can't choose how to be born, i feel like i'm never going to get pass this guilt and shocked and sad feel, but i really wish i could.
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its not selfish for feeling like that, you are selfless for caring so much about others to the point where it hurts you. express that care to more people and I'm sure it will positively effect you as well as the people you care for. its not your fault to be privileged, its great that you can acknowledge and appreciate all that you have, where as some people grow up taking everything for granted and not caring about others. as for your mother, we don't choose family we get stuck with them. if you feel your family drains you, spend more time with people you enjoy being with. hope this helps you