I feel guilty because I just don't want that relationship anymore.

I don't want a woman who:

1. Has a face that has been ruined by drugs and a car accident
2. Is VERY needy
3. Asked me to drive 4 hours away to visit, hinted sex, affection, etc and then just said hello to me and left.
4. Brings new drama to my life every week

I don't want to be a dumpster for someone else's problems. She never had anything positive to say or happen to her. It was always gloom and doom. I don't want that.

I think I would rather just be single.

And now she is calling me because she wants to get back together. No!

I was hurting too. I hurt so bad for the last 5 days and then I got over her. I feel alright now. I wish she would stop calling. I already healed. Don't open up the wound of our breakup and try to repair our relationship.

I am just going to break up again because it was NEVER meant to be. :(
sociableTim sociableTim
36-40, M
Aug 22, 2014