When I Eat...

when i eat the food taste so good but after i feel like ****. i try to throw up but i hate the feeling of not being in control of my body....help
jessicadf jessicadf
18-21, F
2 Responses May 8, 2012

Your right that being in control of your body is important. Just not the way your trying to do it right now. Please message me and I would love to help you find a healthier way to be in control of your body.

One thing, stop throwing food up. At the start its just getting rid of a few calories, and then its a daily chore that you cannot stop. I suffered from bulimia almost 3 years ago. At the start I hardly ate anything and threw it up, then I figured I could eat cake, chocolate, crisps, bread etc and throw it up to lose weight, but no. I began to gain weight. When you throw up, your body still holds on to some of the food and since it was all bad food, I gained weight. You dont lose weight with bulimia, you most-likely gain. Its an addiction thats extremely hard to beat. The best thing to do is eat healthily and exercise and yes, allow yourself a treat once a week because if you take all of your favourite foods out of your diet such as crisps or cake etc, your body will crave badly for it and thats when you binge!! Begin your HEALTHY diet and be happy!! Good luck:)