I Think Thats The Word..guilty

for my thoughts..or feelings..

coz i posted a video i was watching and i think i shouldnt. coz i wonder what others think about anorexic girls.. coz idk..

coz i want to feel i have control again but i know if it happen again i wont have the control,and i wont do it .. but still feel guilty..for watching the movies ,for watching the videos ,for thinking ..

amysangels amysangels 22-25, F 11 Responses Apr 24, 2010

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i know i shouldn post it..i ll try again to delete..

P/s: "concur" = "agree"



Hello love. Amysangels, I don't only want to know you when you are *happy*. True friends will love you even when you are stressed. But I have just seen the video you posted, and although I know that you were not promoting its message, but only inviting discussion, the video was VERY harmful to anorexics who are in denial (or trying to get better). Please do your best to take down that story. I wish you wouldn't hurt yourself going to look for such videos. Because I just KNOW that you know which voice to listen to.



what is concur?

I concur with AP *huggles* :)

thanku tyco..

trw , i think bout myself.myself is like two sais that ,one sais other..

yesterday i couldnt delete story..i told eparsineh . i ll try again..

my friends dont need to hear me when im stressed..they need to be happy..

you should never feel guilty for how you feel... I know this is harder said then done and all of us I am sure suffer from feeling guilty over our emotions, try seeking shelter in them instead, if they are bad then good things are bond to follow.

P/s: Hey, you'll be okay!




(1) Don't watch the videos. Can you take it down?

(2) Don't feel guilty about your own feelings. Your feelings are real, just accept them. But do not act on them.

(3) Let's take the stress siga-siga, okay? One day at a time. One step at a time. That's the only way. Stick to your friends when you have stress.

(4) Hope for the future is a different matter. There you don't have to take things one day at a time. If your hopes and plans for the future give you joy and strength, then go for it. Hold on to your dreams as if they will save your life. Because they will.

Love you SO MUCH --


Honey, all that matters is what you think about yourself! I really hope that each day, you find a moment to see your beauty.