Feeling Guilty For More Luxury


I work for a charitable school in Thailand as an academic head. The school has limited budget and it cant afford air conditioning for teachers and students. I sit and work in my glass cabin chilling at 20 degrees centigrade and can see students and teachers drenched in sweat while working hard. I cant do much about this problem , but I feel guilty for myself having such luxurious working conditions. I unable to justify this luxury with the amount of work I put in my work, the kind of qualification and skills that I have above other staff members. I planning to shut down my air conditioning and suffer like them. Does that sound reasonable? kindly share your opinion.

kauramritanikki kauramritanikki
1 Response Jun 3, 2010

No ned to shut it down , Amrita.That will not lessen their sufferings nor your sense of guilt.<br />
What I will suggest is you make a commitment to go out of the chilled office every now and then and spend time with the others. That will ease your sense of guilt.And also u can invite that anyone feeling unwell is welcome to come and sit in your cubicle for five minutes.<br />
And it is ok for the school's head to have AC in her office.Don't be so hard on yourself.I don't think You conspired to put the AC there.It was there already.<br />
Be honest to your own self. Try to contribute more through your work.Behave better n be helpful towards the rest - teachers n students.<br />
Love n Hugs