Cheater, Liar, Fake

I feel like a cheater, liar, and fake. I sneak behind my AMAZING boyfriends back to talk to guy friends. He doesnt like me talking to guys and I admit I dont like him talking to girls. Thats the fake. I tell him I am just watching a movie, when really a guy is over and we are chilling and talking and just sharing stories. Thats the lies. I kissed a boy at the beach, and then flashed a guy. Thats the cheater. I am the epidome of being a bad girlfriend, and he is so sweet and perfect. I want to fess up to him, but i know it would ruin us. I wish i could have my guy friends out in the open, and not hide them. I wish I could be straightforward with him, but its something so hard to do. And I wish i could erase the past, but we all know its not possible. Anyone else feeling wonderfully ******?
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3 Responses Jul 12, 2010

in a relationship there has to be trust so if u have guy friends and you know there more than friends you dont need to have them. If you have guy friends and u only like them as friends nothing more you should be able to tell your boyfriend about them and he be ok with it because he should trust you. But he can't trust you if you dont trust yourself. Stop lying its stupid the truth is always better and don't cheat because what goes around comes around.

I'm with Kountrymist. Being in a relationship should not hinder you from interacting with the opposite sex. It's not healthy, and it definitely shows how little you trust each other.

If you both don't want the other to talk to the opposite sex there is something you are both missing trust. have the guy friends when he is there and knock off the cheat or you are not ready for the relationship any how.