For Many Things

1. To the girl I lied to for 4 years of who I really am. I'm sorry I ruined our friendship and I'm sorry it took so long for me to tell you the truth. You're still the greatest person I've ever met with the best heart. I regret it everyday for lying to you. And I love you, even if you won't even talk to me.

2. To my mom. I'm sorry for being a terrible daughter. I feel bad for talking back to you when you nag me. I know you care and love me very much. I appreciate everything you've done for me. I'm sorry for still being unemployed and can't help out much. I feel useless. You're still the best and I love you.

3. To my sister. For always paying for everything and having my back. I'm sorry I haven't done anything for you. I'm sorry for not listening to you. I'm sorry for running away and making you worry when I was a kid. I feel guilty for all the pain and burden I've ever caused you. You're like a second mother to me because you always taking care of me like I'm a baby. I'm sorry for not being able to find a job to help out with the bills. You and mom is like the giving tree. I love you.

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1 Response Jan 8, 2013

I was reading this while listening to raise your weapon :(