Another Beat Down?

This event occurred at lifetime fitness center where most of my stories take place. So this kid named Oran and this other kid I don't even know started to pick fun on me about my shoes. I didn't have hyperdunks at that time and was wearing 6.0s. He had a broken ankle and talked smack around my back. I chased him out of the court (no problem due to his injury) into the halls where Oran ran to get the employees. They warned us not to do this again. I was threatening the crippled guy and shoving him. Days went by and the crip was alright but I haven't seen Oran ever since. After a few months i got my hyperdunks and I found him talking to a different guy named Cameron. They were also talking smack. I got help from my friend Andrew. We could easily beat both of them. He insisted that he was only going to jump in when they fight back. We followed them everywhere and it was kind of awkward. Andrew encouraged me to hurry up and beat him up and get it over with but Oran is a short a$$ kid older than me not even five feet. I threw coins at them lol it was funny. I chased Cameron in the restroom and started to throw weak punches but my main target was Oran so I ran to him and put him in a headlock and told him not to do it again. A "good Samaritan" broke us up. I chased him up the stairs to the workout place. his favorite quote was "come here b**** which is kind of gay lol. When finally I got the nerve to really make him shed when I confronted him. I punched him in the jaw. He almost cried. Andrew told me that that was s***. Cameron took off. When I went to the soccer field where I found them, they started to bark "leave us alone". The next day Cameron was no where to be seen. He is desperate in trying to be cool with me and I accepted. Later on he threw my ball at my face. He constantly runs to basketball players or random people for help saying "he wants to beat me up". I lured him into the soccer field and told him to play football. He said "your not going to hit me right?". I only said "let's go to that corner". "When I say hut you are going to run and I will throw the ball to you". "Down, set-" I chunked the ball at his face and punched him twice on the side of the head making loud pop noises causing Andrew to laugh and Oran to fill his eyes with tears. "Have you learned your lesson?" he shook his head bitterly. I found him in the lockeroom and he backed away from me in fear. "Why are you scared of me", his dad came in and he did not snitch. His dad stated that my clothes look good and his clothes are not good and such. He escorted him to the other isle of lockers and began scolding him. Before I left I went to that isle and held out my hand in a fist and he bumped a couple of times before realizing that I held change about 1.50 I have been saving up for a soda and dropped it in his hands. I left with guilt. I think his dad was touching Oran's head and asking him what happened cause I saw him move his head when his dads arm held out. I hope his dad doesn't know and tells the lifetime managers and ban me. I met up with Andrew on e soccer field and told him I gave him money. "You are too nice" he quoted. I laughed hard. He has beat up someone in public on the court and got banned for for 3 months but the guy who banned him wasn't there so he got off scot free.
basketballforlife basketballforlife
18-21, M
Jan 18, 2013