I Feel Guilty

And all the more since i joined ep.
i would live to vent and feel sorry for myself and probably wallow in a pool of self pity.
But then i see all these people here with their problems and how much more they are going through annd feel ungrateful for venting.
I wish i didnt feel this way because it would be nice to just feel sorry for what i dont have or what happened to me ,without having to feel ungrateful to an imaginary god.!
plm20 plm20 18-21, F 2 Responses Feb 8, 2013

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when in isolation every one feels why me ?am I the only one?but thx to the net and social sites people come to fight their ghosts better as they come to know they r nottttt the only ones!

Yes I had the same feeling my self from joining a few weeks ago. At the end, I think most of us want to have a good friend to relie on, can understand us, and build a great friendship and great chats.

Yes,you are right.everybody has their own ghost to fight.